22 Mar
The Economy Of Destruction

The Economy of Destruction

Is it possible that there are people who will take this world with both hands and refuse to give up? How pathetic would it be if they failed? Would that be humanly possible? How many times have we seen people do things and then later realize they had been doing the same exact things for years, or even decades?

This is the dilemma we face with the modern day industrial society and its concomitant, its problems, its challenges and its mine fields. One particular challenge has been lingering in the background for a while now. What a mine field it is!

What if I tell you that there are billions of people in this world and these billions are starving to death? Well, think about it! How come this should not be a bigger problem? How come someone else is more concerned about their own future and mine is more concerned about our tomorrow? This is something that is eating away at all of us from the inside out. Yet, who is truly concerned about it? Who is really prepared to save the planet from global warming in the years to come? If we stop adding to it today, how long will it go on existing?

And, this planet is ours and ours alone. It is our future and not theirs. They can complain all they want but they cannot touch it. It is ours and they are ours alone. How can they expect us to sit by and watch them destroy the future that we have worked for all these years for nothing!

In those long, long ago, when there was only one planet Earth and not much had been learned about how to live with each other, our conflict was solely about resources. We wanted coal and they wanted trees and there was no peace. Then, those that had the land and those that had the coal came to blows and the landowning families were decimated and there was no peace. Then, one day, there were no people and the earth was all that remained and there was peace.

Then, a new threat crept in and war broke out once more and this time it was about the trees. Trees were cut down and the earth and oceans were emptied of their nutrients and these resources were placed at the service of humans. Humans felt safe once more and no one thought to think about their future or theirs. And, what a future it is, they think. Today, what an economy it has made out of greed and no one has thought of its impact on the future. The future that we are relying on is the one that will destroy us.

the dilemma we face with the modern day The future will destroy us


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